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Sunday, April 27

ORN / The Woodlands

Space Cadets

Saturday, May 3

Deer Park / Pasadena

Will Power Gaming

Saturday, May 3


Gerards Gaming


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April 27 & May 3

Video Premiere  Events

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The Greater Houston area boasts a very active Pokémon player base, and hosts an equally impressive schedule of official Pokémon events.   Mike and Mia Cook (Team Cook), Pokémon's Premier Tournament Organizers for the Houston/South Texas area, run a year-round schedule of Pokémon tournaments.

PokemonBUZZ.com is the best resource for learning about Team Cook's events.  Whether you're a new player looking to learn the ropes, or an experienced player looking to expand your Pokémon circle, this is the place to be.  We have resources for experienced players, new players, parents, and anyone who wants to learn more about playing Pokémon!



Pokémon events are not all about winning.  They're about being there... and just having fun.  They're about making friends, playing, laughing, learning, sharing and good sportsmanship.

Come out and join us at our next events, and see what all the buzz is about.  We welcome everyone -- from kids to grandparents... and everyone in between!

We have a wonderful team of dedicated event staff and judges, who are ready to help make your event a truly positive one.  Their smiles and friendly faces are there for you.

Our experience in running upper tier events, including some of the largest events in the country goes a long way in providing you with with the most enjoyable tournament experience.  From small local tournaments, to the larger scale regional championships, our events are fun and fair for all. 

Hope to see you at our next event!


Team Cook